About TransFormX

Hi, I’m Deidre Lin. Welcome to TransFormX!

For over a decade I’ve helped people in the wake of natural disasters and through natural progression it has grown to putting experiences I have had online.

TransFormX itself has been online for over a decade with many 'face lifts' and changes. TransFormX grew out of my personal quest for health & wellness on all levels. My sincerest wish is that others benefit from the information I have gathered, compiled and tested over the last 10 years or so. (Yes, I’ve been the guinea pig – for better or worse!)

TransFormX is a melding of two of my main passions; writing (In 2001 my book ‘Our Journey Within – The Bridge’ was published) and the search for answers to questions both big and small.

All that boring history aside

I know you are asking 'what IS TransFormX anyway??' TransFormX is what I have come up with to call the process we go through every single day. Conciously or unconciously we TransForm our daily lives on an ongoing basis. In mathmatics 'the X Factor' is what the equation is solved for, the answer we are seeking to an issue or problem. For the purposes of our daily TransFormation - The 'X' factor is what we transform! It can take the form of interpersonal relationships with people, places, things and situations. Everything in life has an X factor that we must deal with.

The question then becomes, how do we accomplish do this? The answer is simple, yet as complex - and as varied - as each individual! Art/Creativity, meditation/spirituality, healthy eating/fitness, balance and general well being are some of the few ways to TransForm situations that come up in daily life. Even more so, what works for one person may not be what TransForms the 'X Factor' for a different person - it is all very individual!

I invite you to peruse TransFormX, my blog ramblings and wander through my Art Gallery.

My hope is that you come away with some peaceful thoughts, images and musing that can assist your quest for healthy living for Mind, Body & Spirit!

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